Walking Tour of Downtown Santa Maria

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The tour is designed to start at the Museum/Chamber location and proceed clockwise (roughly) around the map.

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Santa Maria Valley Railroad

The Santa Maria Valley Railroad was headquartered here at 625 S. McClelland Street until it moved to Betteravia in 2008 and to A Street in 2016. Pictured is the original office building. Directly across McClelland Street to the east still stands the freight depot and engine house on a piece of ground between McClelland and Miller Streets that was the downtown rail yard.

Built in 1911, the railroad ran from Guadalupe to the Cat Canyon oil fields. In 1925, Captain G. Allan Hancock built the building pictured, which housed the city's first radio station, KSMR, and the Little Theatre. Railroad President Sue Sword said that it was the captain who began transporting the valley's vegetables and fruit throughout the United States and Canada.

The Santa Maria Valley Railroad was purchased from the Hancock interests in 2006 by the Coast Belle Rail Corporation and remains in operation today.

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