Rotating Exhibits

One of the first displays encountered on a visit to the Museum is a rotating exhibit that changes from time to time (usually monthly). Don't miss it.

Current Rotating Exhibit: Civil War-Lincoln-California

Abraham Lincoln loved the idea of California, that faraway place, the terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad he helped to create (but never lived to see). When he heard that a friend was heading back to California, Lincoln wrote: "I have long desired to see California. The production of her gold mines has been a marvel to me - and her stand for the union. Nothing would give me more pleasure than a visit to the Pacific Shore. I have it now in purpose, when the railroad is finished, to visit your wonderful state." Photos, weapons, saddle, documents, and more...


The Minerva Club


65 Years of Little League

Ladies Accessories

Los Alamos Days

Diamond Anniversary


Santa Maria Football

Santa Maria High School 50th Anniversary 1966 CIF Basketball AA Championship

World War I


"Snake Oil" Medicines

Civil War Era

Boy Scouts of America

Historic Santa Maria Inn

Ladies Hats